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Business Bench-marking

Business Benchmarking is evaluated to track the progress of the past and present financial results. We at Genesis help the client to determine the business gap between market players and company’s current performance. We assess the relative level performance of core business activities with a competitor to find the gap performance. The data collection plan is well designed by industry expert’s panels in consultation with the client to classify the respondent in order to avoid bias. Genesis has over the years offered insights on the benchmarking for Intra organization gap, competitive perspective and in the strategic decision making. We advise client to implement required action to close the performance gap.

For example –

  1. To increase and improve the distribution channel for planting equipment in the European region.
  2. To analyze the production capacity and production gap between competitors (LG) and our company (Samsung) in terms of Display Panels.
  3. To find the manufacturing plant sight for a glufosinate chemical manufacturers 

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