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Demand Estimation Studies

Before taking any investment decision usually an established organisation or a new entrant takes a macro as well as micro view of the market situation. This include market size, competition, product specifications, imports,exports, quality standards, customer expectations, growth rate and predictions for future. The market could be divided into Regions, Countries or at Global level and then decide the market entry strategy on the basis of market size, competition,projections, duty structure, raw material availability, labour force and the domestic demand.

We have carried out studies across industry domains like food, chemicals, automotive, FMCG, durable, diesel engines, fixtures & fittings, pharma etc. for many large muntinational organisation like Yokogawa, Sandvik, Hussey Seating, Can-pack, Thermax, Triplan AG, Venkys, Siemens, Johnson & Jhonson,KR Bakes and many more.  We have studied North America, Europe, Far East, Middle East, South East.  Our team of researchers visited Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada for field assessment and knowing views from bulk users, traders, manufacturers, industry experts etc.

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