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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer is always focus in delivering any product or services with the best quality in reasonable price.  Though we as manufacturer or service provider strive hard to achieve these goals and improving customer satisfaction, it is always essential to get a third party assessment done on how our customers - may be domestic or international - are satisfied with us. The 5Ps formula of marketing(Product, Performance, Promotion, Packaging & Pricing) forms core part of satisfaction. Any customer who is satisfied usually will not prefer to change the supplier without any valid reasons. It is therefore essential to get regular feedback from all our customers (segment wise, region wise, country specific) to know their expectations and performance of our product on 5Ps.Customers have now wider choice and many new and innovative technologies keep coming up and we need to keep pace with all those dynamics to retain customers. Converting customer satisfaction into delight is what each organisation aims at for enhanced market and growth in business in this competitive business environment.

GMI is well experienced and poised to assist you this area by undertaking customer satisfaction studies across the globe or any part of the world through CATI, On-line or email interviews. We have experienced team of researchers, analysts to take of your issues. We have successfully carried out studies in various sectors viz. automotive,machinery, telecom, banking, insurance, transportation, food, retailing, diesel engines, chemicals, education, real estate, packaging and agriculture.

We would be glad to work carry out these studies at regular intervals viz. quarterly, half yearly, yearly or as and when required and tracking improvements in all the key areas of operations. We have offered such services to many multi national companies like Can-pack, Mercedes Benz, Vodafone, Mahindra Tsubaki, EC21, Hussey Seating, Eriks and many more.

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