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OLED Market Is Predicted to Witness Rapid Growth in Worldwide Industry to grow at a CAGR 14.3% during 2017 to 2023

Published : 26 February, 2018

OLED is the acronym for organic light-emitting diode. In simple terms, OLEDs are made with organic compounds which light up when supplied with electric current.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is an emerging display technology that enables stunning and proficient displays panels. OLEDs are now being used in many cell phones and TV panels. The future versions of such panels are going to be flexible and foldable.OLED TVs were introduced in 2013 but in those times, it was uncertain if this technology would become a  part of the High Definition TV market. Simultaneously TVs were evolving rapidly and OLED technology complemented the High Definition television panels extremely well.

OLED technology is predominantly used in gadgets where displays are needed, the prime examples are Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops, Automobiles and Smart watches

The different types of OLEDs are:

  1.     Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED)
  2.     Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED)
  3.     Transparent OLED
  4.     Foldable OLED
  5.     White OLED

OLED market is one of the most rapidly growing market in the electronics domain. The industry has grown rapidly due to rapid adoption of smartphones and increasing penetration of entertainment.  Continuing its legacy as a technology leader, South Korea has maintained its leadership position. The next wave of growth is expected to come from flexible and transparent displays.

In October, 2013 after years of research and development, Samsung Electronics and LG Display started commercial production of flexible AMOLED displays on plastic substrates. Such screens are being used in flagship mobile devices and wearable technologies.

Currently Samsung is the largest producer of OLED displays and also supplies to large companies like Apple. OLED displays deliver the same quality as LEDs but with significantly reduced emissions of Blue Lights which are harmful to the human eye. This is one major benefit of OLED over LEDs.

Objectives of OLED Market Report

  •          Evaluating the current status and emerging future trends of the OLED Market.
  •          To forecast revenue of the market segments with respect to four main regional segments, namely, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Rest of the World (RoW) .
  •          Segmental analysis based on Region, Product Type, Application and Industry.

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